Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Commentary- How the presidential election was won in Somaliland

(Erigavo) 13 Dec 2017 -There happened a systematic corruption of voter registration that took place during and after the drought in Somaliland in 2017.

Most of the the people that took voter cards came from the western parts of the country where the drought had affected inhabitants to lesser extent. Hargeisa , Gebiley, Berbera and other western parts of Somaliland have been little touched by the devastating drought in early 2017. Areas most affected were Sanaag, Sool, Togdheer and Saraar. In addition the UAE flooded cash into places like Berbera and Hargeisa through the Silanyo's government after the signing of both DPWorld contract and the controversial Bebera military base while the rest of the country was starving. Government resources have also been used in the campaign with Silanyo only announcing in the last stage of the campaign that public resources should not be used in the campaign.
It has been  a planned strategy by Kulmiye government but very much ignored or not understood by Waddani leaders who had the believe  of mass voting in their favour.

It has been reported in parts of the country where people had to sell their voter cards for food. Many from the poorer families who have been fortunate to register for the election voting had no choice but to sell their cards to Kulmiye campaigners. As a result their cards were destroyed to eliminate their chances of voting. Many among the westerners who knew about this systematic corruption including the election observers ignored this fraud and endorsed the illegal election results. 

I don't allege that ballot stuffing took place. I allege that complacency happened both in the international community and the the NEC who were the worst players in the presidential elections. The majority of the Somaliland people know that the National Election Commission (NEC) is not fit for purpose and should be disbanded.
As a result of this systematic election fraud only 550,000 casted their votes this year while approximately 1,200,000 voted in 2010 .
By Medeshi