Thursday, December 7, 2017

Independent Diplomat London Director Paul Whiteway Speaks On Somaliland Elections on BBC

What is the current status of democracy and statehood in Somaliland?

By comparison with many other African nations, Somaliland has a remarkable democratic record because of its peaceful political transitions that result from respectable electoral processes.
Somaliland is working to ensure honest voting by using iris scanning technology in its presidential election.
The country has clear borders, defined territory, a people, and the ability to enter into relationships with other states. Although it is not yet recognized internationally as a country, Somaliland meets the criteria for statehood.

Attempts have been made to establish a dialogue between Somalia and Somaliland on the topic of independence, but Somalia would undoubtedly require a price for recognizing Somaliland.
African states are likely to refrain from recognizing Somaliland’s independence because they are concerned with setting a precedent for other nations.
Listen to the entire interview here.