Sunday, December 3, 2017

SOAS University of London are offering 15 scholarships to Somalis in Britain

(London)- CSO and ATM in partnership with SOAS University of London are offering 15 scholarships to Somalis in Britain (worth £10,000 each) to study on an award winning Community Leadership Programme.
Successful candidates will enrol onto the first Postgraduate Diploma in the UK that focuses on Law and Community Leadership. The scholarship covers course fees and support provided in the form of mentoring, networking and work shadowing opportunities. 

More details:
These scholarships aim to develop 15 young Somalis (*since members of this community are heavily under-represented in positions of leadership) so that they can take up positions in think-tanks, statutory agencies, local and central government, media agencies, and in the third and private sectors so as to become role models, influence change that benefits Somalis and the wider community; to become ‘bridgeheads’ enabling other Somalis to follow in their footsteps; and to provide strategic leadership that ensures the voice and needs of the community are represented at all levels of public decision-making. Participants must pledge to tackle social injustice, hate, discrimination in all its forms, and to improve inclusion, social integration and civic participation.
To enable participants to be able to do this they will be put through a unique and award-winning postgraduate degree developed by SOAS University of London. The degree specifically focuses on developing key skills and knowledge needed to enable participants to become effective leaders.

CSO & ATM will supplement the academic learning provided by internationally recognised academics, with a mentoring programme, work shadowing, and 3 major networking events. Each participant will also be offered the opportunity to take-up a work-shadowing placement.

They will benefit from tailored advice over how they can succeed. Each participant will also be offered the opportunity to take-up a work shadowing placement or internship, whether that is with a councillor, a Member of Parliament, a member of the House of Lords, in the Department for Education, Environmental Agency, NHS, Home Office, at a university, with a magistrate, at a local authority, in a charity, voluntary or community organisation. One of the network events will take place at the House of Lords, another at SOAS University of London, and a third at a prestigious venue organised by CSO and ATM. Participants will also have a graduation ceremony, with full robes and honours, at SOAS University of London. At each network event we will invite senior staff, change agents and dignitaries including from the Home Office, CCGs, Metropolitan Police, FCO, DFID, and from local VCOs allowing participants to build their networks and networking skills.

As part of the programme, participants will be required to develop a portfolio of activities they plan to do in their communities to help improve the lives of others. We expect participants to become school governors, magistrates, trustees, non-executive directors of statutory agencies, councillors, independent custody visitors, volunteers for voluntary and community organisations as well as members of their to become members of their local housing associations, safer neighbourhood boards (etc). Successful participants will contribute to the success of Britain and Somalia.

The Community Leadership and Law postgraduate degree is a bespoke intensive 6-month programme, which connects academic, theoretical and practical expertise to nurture and cultivate the foundations of leadership. The course is ideally suited for anyone with an interest in making a difference to the communities, in which they live; enabling participants to address issues, network with others, improve their community and influence policies that affect local people’s lives.

To apply please visit: atm-fellowship/or complete the application attached and send it back to us on

The deadline for submission is Tuesday 12th December 23:59pm