Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Somaliland - Erigavo and Maydh asphalted road construction project initiated

(Medeshi) - ‪Erigavo , Maydh and Tabca asphalted road construction project has recently been initiated by the elite and intellectuals from the region.

Photo from the web

 The rough road built by the British in 1952 is untenable and needs a complete overhauling. This project is about the construction of an asphalted road that will connect Erigavo and Maydh port in Sanaag. ‬ It will be funded by the people that inhabit in the area initially but the project requires external funding. To this day hundreds of people from  Erigavo and Maydh have committed to pay $500 each towards the cost of the project.  But it is  impossible for the public to fund a project that could cost hundreds of millions of dollars.
But despite of the financial obstacles,  the people of Sanaag who share the same benefits from Maydh port are determined to go ahead and start the project.
This will be another litmus  test for the government of Somaliland that had always allocated development projects to the western regions of the country. It will be another disappointment and lack of confidence by the people from the east in the government from the western regions of Somaliland if it fails to support this vital project for the  economy of Sanaag region .