Sunday, March 18, 2018

Somaliland president says DP World deal will be implemented

Dubai: The President of Somaliland said on Friday that Somalia “has neither the strength nor the ability” to interfere in his country’s operations, calling a move by Somalia to ban DP World from operating in Somaliland “a joke.”

Speaking at a press conference in Dubai, Muse Behi Abdi stressed that Somaliland is an independent state and a democratic nation. He said that the deal his country signed with DP World will be implemented by the government.

His comments come after Somalia said earlier this week it will ban ports operator DP World from operating in the breakaway Somaliland. Somalia’s parliament also voted on the matter to ban Dubai-based DP World, as the government said the deal between the two was null and void.
“I will say that’s a joke. They have no [right] whatsoever to interfere with what we are managing in Berbera,” the president said.
“We have signed the agreement with DP World and the United Arab Emirates for the [port] in Berbera as a sovereign country … and it will be implemented by our government. We assure you that they (Somalia) have no negative effect whatsoever.”
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