Friday, July 27, 2018

Djibouti - A rough ride for Djama Speed and his entourage

(Africa Intelligence )- The health minister and now ex-son-in-law of Ismail Omar Guelleh since his divorce from the president's daughter Haibado, Djama Elmi Okieh (aka Djama Speed), is now learning to his cost what it means to be excluded from the inner circles of power, though he has been inviting himself to receptions hosted by other members of the government in an attempt to get messages through to his ex-father-in-law… He has recently been seen alongside the minister for the economy and finance and secretary-general of the Rassemblement populaire pour le progres (RPP), Ilyas Moussa Dawaleh, having previously turned down all invitations, including those of PM Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed

By attending events organised by various members of the government, Djama Speed is seeking to save his job, but meanwhile inquiries are under way into his assets and those of his entourage: his sister Maleiko Elmi Okieh (a teacher parachuted in as an assessor), his guru and main advisor Darar Ismail (aka Indha Asse), Ibrahim Ahmed (aka Beer Geel) and finally Dabar Adaweh Ladieh, the director of hydrocarbons. And at the time of going to print, Djama Speed's brother, Abdillahi Elmi Okieh, who has been arrested by the Gendarmerie, is currently appearing in court on charges of kidnapping and holding prisoner the young blogger Mogbel in a public establishment. The case is being handled by the attorney general, Djama Souleiman.