Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Statement by HR/VP Mogherini on Reconciliation and Economic Integration in the Horn of Africa

(EU)- The recent meeting in Ethiopia among the leaders of Ethiopia
, Eritrea and Somalia, followed by the UN Security Council resolution lifting sanctions on Eritrea, offers an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate reconciliation and economic integration for all the countries of the Horn of Africa.

Leaders are overcoming old tensions and unlocking a process for a new era of cooperation which will require the participation of all the countries of the region. Success will generate prosperity in the whole region, integrate the economies of the Horn of Africa and create confidence to build peace and belonging within and among the nations of the region.

The European Union knows the benefits and challenges that accompany such a process well and stands ready to offer its experience and support. We expect all partners to support and invest in this historic opportunity for peace and prosperity in the Horn of Africa.