Saturday, December 15, 2018

Leaked - Ethiopia signs a secret deal with Somalia for a Military base in Zeila port

(Medeshi)- The recent exchange of visits between the leaders of the Horn of African countries and the Gulf Sates without Somaliland presence has raised suspicions of conspiracy against Hargeisa.

A leaked news item recently published in the local papers has indicated that Ethiopia has successfully secured a contract from President Farmajo of Somalia to use the old port city of Zeila as a military base.
Ethiopia is landlocked and is desperate to have access to the sea.
President Abiy has said few months earlier that there is no reason for Ethiopia to have no access to the sea.

Ethiopia offered on August 6, 1946 to  Great Britain which ruled Somaliland and the Haud to have a land in the reserved area in exchange for Zeila port. But Great  Britain declined to accept  that offer.
Read the offer here:

Ethiopia offers Britain land in exchange for Zeila port of Somaliland - 1946

Ethiopia has recently created a navy for the first time without having an access to the sea .
Ethiopia has a population of more than 90 Million while Somaliland has 4.5 million and Djibouti has a little more than a million inhabitants.
The chances of Ethiopia invading Somaliland is more than that of Djibouti . Djibouti is protected by the US and the French basis in addition to others such as China and Germany.
Somaliland does not have assurance with the exception of the recently signed military base agreement in Berbera with the UAE.
But because of the current problems within the Somaliland institutions and the prevailing corruption and nepotism fuelled by tribalism, Somaliland could succumb to the Ethiopian pressures.
I understand that President Muse Bihi is doing all he could to clean the mess left by the former government which is blamed on corruption and inciting tribalism. His chances of facing to thwart the Ethiopian ambition are  minimal.
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