Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Sahan and Matt Bryden banned to operate in Somalia

(Medeshi)- It is regrettable that Somalia has banned Matt Bryden  from visiting Somalia and has also banned his AU supported Sahan Organisation.

Matt is the founder of the Somaliland Academy and has worked closely with academics like Dr. Bulhan.
Matt Bryden ( Web image)

I met Matt Bryson in the early 1990s when I came back from Saudi Arabia after 23 years of absence from the country. He used to chew khat with my brother in law ( Ahmed Mohamed Rashid) at his home at New Hargeisa along with other western academics  of whom one of the them  is currently a journalist and does  much work at SOAS of University College London.
He was married to a French and Somali speaking women possibly from Djibouti but definitely of Somaliland origin.
Matt is a good person and speaks Somali fluently. Both Martin Orwin  (Somali language teacher at SOAS) and Matt Bryden are among the few westerners that currently teach or speak in the Somali language.
Here is a caption of his profile on Wikipedia:
“ Occupation, Director at Sahan Research. Known for, Horn of Africa political analysis. Children, 3. Matthew Bryden is a Canadian political analyst. He worked ...
Other names: Matt Bryden
Nationality: Canadian
Children: 3
He later formed Sahan Research of the Horn of Africa that operated mainly from Nairobi. “ Unquote.

“SAHAN is a Somali term for nomadic scouts or pathfinders responsible for navigating the best path for their communities towards peace, pasture, and prosperity. Those chosen for sahan must possess expert knowledge of the terrain, society, environment, and a multiplicity of other factors in order to provide the information that leaders need to make sound decisions.”

But the ministry of interior of the federal government of Somalia has recently banned both Matt and Sahan Research to operate in the country, according to an  article published by Qarannews. No clear reasons were published in the memo issued by the ministry of interior affairs of Somalia.
This clearly shows the wrong actions of the Somali factions or the so called states including the weak government supported by the ambitious and the oil hungry western governments.
We need transparency. We need freedom of speech. We need not fear from the government for expressing our own opinions. Sahan Research has been very much involved in peace building among the Somalis.
This really violates the Human Rights Act.
Things have recently changed in Africa and in the developing Middle Eastern part of the world. An example is how MBS of Saudi Arabia silenced Journalist Jamal Al Khashoggi at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.
Human rights in the middle East and Africa should be given ultimate attention or else the human rights Watchmen will be eliminated by dictators .