Saturday, December 22, 2018

Saudi Arabia - Talal Bin Abdul Aziz passed away today (RIP)

(Medeshi) - May the soul of prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz Rest In Peace.

 I met Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz in 1986 while managing TOYLAND  SA of Bin Ladin next to Sarawat and Hardees at Olaya street in Riyadh. The location is the premises of the current Faisaliya building in Riyadh. He came with two children possibly his grandchildren shopping for toys into Toyland  store. I remember that after he left the store that one of my Yemen Colleagues told me about the prince . I then went out and greeted him before he could drive away  his dark blue Mercedes. I told him that I was from Somalia and also the manager of the store and was employed by Khalil Mohammed AWAD Bin Ladin.

I remember him as humble and down to earth person despite his wealth and his possession both in the Saudi Arabia and the  rest of the world.

I prey for him that his soul may Rest In Peace (RIP) .

May the almighty God live his soul in heaven.