Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Somaliland -Gold found in Sanaag while oil drilling will start in 2019

(Medeshi)- Gold has recently been found in the Guban areas of Sanaag.
It is not yet in industrial scale although many locals have been able to collect gold stones from the surfaces of dry river beds and other surrounding areas.The secret of the gold mining in Somaliland came from the Chinese of whom some were seen collecting gold stones from the coastal areas of Sanaag.

Photo by Medeshi

 These Chinese have inspired the locals by  selling them  the gold detectors that have been made in China. A hand held gold detector currently sells for the average of £2000 by order including the shipping.

Many families were able receive  in places like Erigavo to sustain their livelihoods through the income from selling gold stones collected from the surfaces of the  barren mountains called in Somali " GUBAN".
 Among those that are active in the goldstones collection are the young and the physically able.

On the other hand, oil is expected to be drilled in Oodweyne Block of Somaliland sometime in 2019. Both Genel and other UK based oil companies have been involved in the exploration of oil in the region.
The Oodweyne Block Seismic Survey has been Completed recently .
With a population of less than 4 million, this abundant wealth could make Somaliland the Dubai of the Horn of Africa.