Sunday, December 16, 2018

US- Saudi prince MBS calls Somali congress woman a slave

(Medeshi)- Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman was quoted on Twitter saying that ‘ Don’t buy a slave without stick with him/her’ referring to congress  woman Ilham  Omar

He has also called Congress woman Ilham  Omar as the daughter of Houthi mother from Yemen.

I know that this is typical of the  citizens of rich states as they say in Arabic “ لا تشتري العبد الا و العصي معه” " Or don't buy a slave without a tick".
Such is the narrow mindedness of MBS who has little education compared to the congress woman Ilham Omar who is of Somali origin.

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Somalis are  brave and very hard working people and have shown their successes politically in the US, Canada ( the immigration minister is of Somali Origin) as well as in many EU countries.
Those backward Saudis have resented the Somalis. It was in the early 20th century when Somalis used to collect Zakat money for  the Saudis who had little to eat in  the vast desert that had offered no mercy.

Read this :
"when somalis were collecting money for saudi arabia!!
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اسحاق سالم السياي @ishaqsiabi6d
إعتبروا من المرفق لتعرفوا انه قبل 120عامآ كانت تجمع (إعانات)ﻷهل المدينه المنورة والحجاز من أهل الصومال! دون من او أذى

"إخشوشنوا فإن النعم لا تدوم" وثيقة من ١٩٣٥م عندما كانت #الصومال في نعمة وتجمع التبرعات لفقراء #السعودية والان العكس

Saudis used to survive on livestock shipped from Somalia as charitable donations.
A friend of mine told in the mid 1980s while working for a port stevedoring  contractor in Jeddah that the Egyptians used to donate the traditional white robe/thowb to the Saudis. The length of the thowbs where regular while the length of the hand of the thowbs were folded few inches to let it fit the wearers. This was meant that if the hand length of the thowb was short , then they had to extend few more inches to fit in.
Such was the status of the Saudis when they were poor, but that they had  become rich , they forgot all those that had supported them when they were in need.
Things  changed when the Americans discovered oil  in commercial quantities at Dammam oil well No. 7 in 1938.
Slandering successful Muslim woman in the US congress is a cheap propaganda and self inflicting. Saudis are puppets of  the US and their slanderous propaganda against  this successful congress woman  will soon  be dismissed.