Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Somaliland - Comparing the weather between Erigavo and London

(Medeshi) -In may homeland,(Erigavo) donkeys used to die of cold and water pipes used to freeze of
cold weather  in the early 1960s. The temperature was always cold and the nomads had endured severe cold weather  aggravated by winds. The reason was that Erigavo is located in the highest land of all Somalia  and Somaliland.
Geedmaraar - Medeshi photos

Places like “Dhaxamo” (The cold spot) east of Erigavo and the “Cayow” or the highlands had always been battered by the “Foore” or northerly winds bringing much cold to the nomads, to their herds and to the helpless.
I moved decades later to the Middle East namely Saudi Arabia and had luckily endured temperatures up to 50 Celsius on most times. Although air conditioned cars, air conditioned homes and air conditioned work places compensated for the weather deficiencies, this was the opposite environment of where I had lived. And yet I had endured that weather situation for 23 years.
After moving to Europe in 2004, I am still having difficulties in my body switching from adopting to the cold or to the warmth or otherwise. Coming to Europe has made matters worst. The weather in the United Kingdom is unpredictable. The winds  that below from all directions in this island make the weather unpredictable . Northerly and Easterly winds are the worst as they bring cold from the Arctic and Siberia respectively.
And so the main difference of how people suffer in these extreme weather is that all have their own ways to survive. In my home land people use leather (Harag or animal skin leather) to protect themselves against the harsh cold. Others use wood burning skills to keep themselves warm.
I didn't  bring any of those skills with me. The skills that I had inherited from my ancestors could have helped me  to adopt to these severe weather situations in Europe. But my body seems to out smart me in adopting to the British weather.
And so here is the situation where I currently live.