Saturday, January 26, 2019

US Air War in Somalia Goes Dark

(Sputnik)- US President Donald Trump subtly announced that the Pentagon’s many overseas operations would become even more secretive during the first Cabinet hearing of 2019.

The Pentagon disclosed that it will no longer furnish public reports on its missions in Somalia during a Friday announcement in which US Africa Command said it recently carried out two major bombings in the country.

This announcement was apparently the final one from AFRICOM.

The job of disclosing the Pentagon's air war is now up to the Somali government, a spokesman for AFRICOM told the Associated Press Friday.

Last Saturday, US airstrikes killed approximately 54 al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in a major bombing attack, while the latest airstrike on Wednesday occurred in the same area (near Jilib in Middle Juba region) and killed one. According to AP, Trump has expanded the airstrike campaign against al-Shabab terrorists, with at least 47 strikes occurring since Trump took office.
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