Sunday, February 17, 2019

Kingston - Living below housing standards

(Medeshi)- I live in one bedroom flat that I rented as a tax payer from Kingston upon Thames  council in 2008.

The council (The landlord) have always been reluctant to carry out the essential repairs that I requested for.

I have complained several times earlier about the health issue in the toilet of my council one bedroom flat. It has leakage with mould  and the sink seems as old as in the Victorian times. It always leaks but whenever I call for repair , they simply come and tighten few screws and leave. Few weeks ago plumbers from Axis came , took photos, promised to return and fix the mould issue but never came back.

The cheap plastic tiles of the floor of the bathroom are also cracking and becoming off the floor. Again this is due to wear and tear after 11 years of usage.

As a single occupant, little damage has been done to the property other than the tear and wear due to time.

I feel that both the private landlord and the Council are equally responsible to maintain the properties that they rent to the public. Too many new front-line staff that are inexperienced and  hired as a result of  the changes in which the political party that runs the Borough make matters worst.

As a community leader and someone that has devoted most of his extra time in supporting the Local community in Kingston , I believe that I deserve to live better in a more healthy environment.