Friday, February 15, 2019

Somalia - Profanity and shamelessness in the social media

(Medeshi)- Somali speaking people that go live on Facebook are really insulting our IQ.

Too many women are currently on Facebook and YouTube insulting each other live.
There are also men who advocate for tribalism and violence within the community through FB.
The social media is an easy platform that anybody that can read and write basic language skills uses it to make money online. Google very much encourages and gives incentive to the users of channels such as YouTube.
It is obvious that Google makes more than 60% of the Adsense revenues from the adverts on YouTube that are linked to each account.
Facebook is the same.
Sadly , nowadays some women have been tempted by the lucrative monthly payments by Google to such extent that some Somali women have started showing their private parts online in order to gain more likes and more followers.
I don’t want to make names here , but the situation seems out of control.