Sunday, March 24, 2019

Kingston Somali Community Association supporting the community

Welcome to Kingston Somali Community Association. I founded this charity in the early 2007 in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

All our work is voluntary and we charge no fees to the clients of all nationalities that come to seek our services.

I have recently obtained a formal certificate from Grimsby College, England , to deliver Information, Advice  and Guidance (IAG) to the people of all nationalities living in #London. Thanks to Kingston council that sponsored me and many others.

London authorities have failed to consult us on matters of knife or gun crime but they consulted us about Female Genital Mutilation( FGM). The last consultation workshop took place at the Pinterest Building ..

Another consultation that we had with the Home Office was about banning of Khat Drug in 2014 and it took place in the same venue

And so  please feel free to contact us for help in many issues such the current escalating of knife crime in London and other major UK cities.