Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Artifacts from ancient Kingdom of Sanaag

By Medeshi - artifacts from ancient Kingdom of Sanaag

Plea from a Somaliland  Ghost King - Protect the remains of my kingdom published through Somaliaonline:

Anonymous response to my article : Sweet home Sanaag is a virgin land that needs to be discovered but not looted: http://www.medeshivalley.com/2011/12/sweet-home-sanaag-is-virgin-land-that.html
Greetings my descendants, I speak to you from the grave,
I have temporarily coveted the body of Chimera to share my thoughts and fears with you.
I do not remember my name nor that of my family, therefore you will know me as the Ghost King.
What I do know is that I lived more than a thousand years ago, before your parents and grand-parents' parents were born.
I ruled over a grand and prosperous kingdom, with bustling trade around the world.

Yet I do not recall its name, nor those of my loved ones.
In death, all these details disappeared, and my mind became as blank as that of a newborn.
My soul lies inside the halls of Barzakh with another hundred billion souls awaiting Judgement Day.
I'm plagued by lost memories returning in bits and pieces, and by regret.

I was conceived before the true religion was born, do not grudge me for what I'm about to say.
I burried my riches with me, so that I would be reborn in the other world with plenty of wealth.
It was futile, for a poor man with a pious soul became richer in the new world than any King with a bad heart.
My wives and children were most likely burried in the same tradition, yet I do not remember their names nor my own.

I now understand why; my memories lie within the stone symbols of death.
Inside the tombs of my loved ones; within the necropolises of my Kingdom's subjects.
And within the lavish burial chamber I was laid to rest.

Occassionally pieces of my past reach Barzakh and re-enter my soul.
Memories returning from the world you call home, the world of the living.
But they remain vague, for I fear my ancient Kingdom is being laid to waste as we speak.
Protect the remains of my kingdom, and we can both learn of the past, so we may improve upon the future.

I bid you farewell, and remember the Day of Judgement is inevitable!

( Anonymous Ghost King )