Thursday, May 2, 2019

Erigavo - Martial law will never be successful in the eastern parts of Somaliland

(Erigavo)- Martial law will never be successful in the eastern parts of Somaliland because of the current SLD decree which is not based on legal basis.
Somaliland would rather stay mutually together or break apart like the rest of the Somali states into clans if aggression by the central government continues against both the eastern and the western parts of the country. After all Somaliland is a coalition of clans and if one clan tries to assert its wealthier regional power on another, then the other partners will protest and rise up against any injustice.
The recent incident where two Somaliland military offices were murdered by locals from Garadag doesn’t justify the decree of the Somaliland president. The officers were murdered in Oog which comes under SOOL region.
Worst of all is that the SLD Houses of Parliament voted against the martial law imposed on Sanaag and yet the speaker of the parliament refused the yes vote of 39 against the rest of the 109 members . The speaker requested for repeating the vote,  later closed the session and  left the parliament building calling for another voting session on Saturday the 4rth of May 2019.

There had always been accusations of Kulmiye party bribing the parliament members to gain support in its parliament motions for political or economic gains. Some had confirmed to me that they have received $15,000 to vote for  the Berbera DPWorld (UAE) permission  to operate the port which was popularly opposed by the Somaliland public.
The coming Saturday vote could be rigged like before, but it could divide the nation.
Both the UAE military base  or the revenues from Berbera Port DPWorld operations could be futile if used against the people of Sanaag and Awadal.

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