Wednesday, May 8, 2019

London - Dr. Abdillahi became the mayor of Ealing Borough of West London

(Medeshi)- Congratulations to Dr. Abdillahi who has become the mayor of Ealing Borough of West London.

Dr. Abdillahi has been a councillor in the Borough for a long time. He has also a clinic in Ealing high street.

Eid Ali, Mohamed Barud, myself and a deceased colleague whom I can’t remember his name, visited  Dr. Abdillahi at his lab tech clinic in Ealing during our promotion of the RR Darlington foundation in the UK. few years ago.

RR Darlington was among the founders and among the most important persons that had promoted Secondary School Sheikh to the level of Eton of England in the early 1960s.

I was among the late comers to Sheikh Secondary School and joined it in 1971, but I have always appreciated the  British system of education in the schools.

I can confess that the basic education that I have received from the British system of education in Somaliland has led to my success till this day.

I am very confident that Dr.Abdillahi will deliver his duties to the Ealing Borough constituents satisfactorily.

Let us congratulate him on his success.