Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Multi-service vehicle app launched in Somaliland , Somalia and Kenya

(ITN Africa )- The first multi-service vehicle booking app, HudHud, has been launched in Somalia,  and Kenya.

HudHud will allow commuters in these regions to order multi vehicles on one platform. In collaboration with technical partners, HudHud enables improved transportation modes and fair booking and enhances productivity for car hire companies. Users will be able to book a taxi, ambulance, pick-up, delivery vehicles, motorbikes and many other vehicles with the use of HudHud.

“HudHud is the creation of engineers who need users to get a single app for all their vehicle needs. They were also concerned about the security of many taxis in the region,” said Mr Mohammed, CEO and co-founder of HudHud. Mr Mohammed ensures that safety was the first priority during the inception of the app, as the start-up company monitors the vehicles every few minutes. The cars themselves are verified by third-party companies and the drivers have been properly trained and screened.

HudHud is actively looking for investors in order to expand its team and expedite its growth. The app is available for download in Somalia, Kenya and Somaliland from the official HudHud website.

Edited by Kojo Essah