Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Saudi King orders reporter’s certificate of attacked journalist revoked

King Salman of Saudi Arabia reportedly instructed the Saudi Ministry of Internal Affairs on Tuesday
to revoke the reporter’s certificate of Saudi journalist Mahmoud Saud who was assaulted on Temple Mount on Monday as part of his visit in Israel.  The reason given for the decision is that he acted “against the values and tradition of the Saudi Kingdom.” The blogger, who is part of an unprecedented six-person media delegation from the Arab world, was cursed, spat at, jeered and told to “go to a synagogue” on Monday as he went to the Temple Mount.

One video clip showed Saud walking on the Temple Mount as people shouted epithets at him such as “traitor,” “animal” and “normalizer,” and small boys approached and spat in his face.

Another video clip showed plastic chairs and sticks being thrown at him as he walked in the Old City market.