Monday, July 8, 2019

Somaliland Makes Gains on Recognition

Somaliland made a diplomatic breakthrough with the state visit of the country’s president Musa Bihi
Abdi to Guinea. President Bihi is in Guinea at the invitation of President Alpha Conde. The visit is a sign of Somaliland’s rapid acceptance across the African continent and its growing economic and trading links with other nations as it looks for recognition as an autonomous territory. During the meeting, both presidents pledged to find ways working together in trade and fostering cooperation.

The Somaliland government is steadily building its case for recognition based on trade and business opportunities with its fellow Africans, arguing that an independent Somaliland capable of trading with African and international partners will be a benefit to all and strengthen peace, prosperity and security.

Somaliland’s Minister for Foreign affairs and International Cooperation, Yassin Haji Mohamoud, said the mission to Guinea is to build the same kind of close relations with West African countries as Somaliland enjoys with East African nations. “Of course the two countries will be discussing matters of mutual interest during our stay in Guinea,” the Minister said.

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