Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Communities face a battle with nature in drought-hit Somaliland

Communities across Somaliland and Somalia are preparing for a severe drought in the coming
months and while drought is a recurring feature of life in the Horn of Africa, this one is different.

Somalis are facing their second drought in three years, making it difficult to predict the scale of the impact it will have on vulnerable communities. In the barren village of Jir Jir in Somaliland, Rosa Osman faces an uncertain future. The mother-of-13 once had a herd of goats and grew her own crops, which allowed her and her family to live comfortably.

However, changing weather conditions have had a devastating impact on her livelihood.

As she sits under a tree to shelter from the searing heat, Roda explains that the rains which usually begin in March did not arrive until May. It was a case of too little too late for Roda. The late rains meant her sorghum seeds did not germinate in time and the plants will not mature before the rainy season ends.
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