Saturday, August 17, 2019

London - In remembrance of my eldest daughter

(Medeshi)-  A tribute to my eldest daughter (May her soul rest in Peace with the Almighty . Aamiin.)

Goodbye my daughter
Goodbye my angel .
You left us in 2003.
And yet I feel you around us always.
I see you in my dreams playing with your brothers and sisters.

Goodbye my angel.
Goodbye my daughter.
I know that I will catchup with you soon.
You were young when you left us.
You wanted to become a doctor.
You had all the ambitions of a young daughter.
You had all the future ahead of you.
But by God’s will you left us.
A man should not cry but I cried for you hundreds of times.
A man should not weep but I wept for you hundreds of times.
I know that I could have done better for you but regret that I didn’t do much.
I have been living alone in a single room for the last 15 years weeping most of the time.
Many have asked me to stay away from solitude, loneliness , misery and marry and yet I didnt do that.
 I know that I have let you  down  my daughter.
Goodbye by angel.

Goodbye my angel and I know that you are in peace with the Almighty God...
Goodbye my daughter.

Goodbye my angel ....