Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Somalia’s Kismayu port city in lockdown

BBC- Security forces in Kismayu are blocking all entry to the southern Somali port city ahead of contentious local elections.

The authorities ordered the closure of air, land and sea borders until Friday - a day after the vote.

Before the lockdown, the head of the African Union (AU) force, an Ethiopian commander, was supposed to arrive in the city to resolve a dispute between Kenyan and Ethiopian troops over the poll.

Both Ethiopia and Kenya are part of the more than 20,000-strong AU force, first deployed in 2007 to try and help stabilise the country beset by decades of unrest.

The UN and government, backed by Ethiopia, want the Jubbaland provincial elections postponed, but the regional authorities, backed by Kenya, want them to go ahead.

The current leader of Jubbaland, Ahmed Mohamed Islam known by his nickname “Madobe”, is seeking re-election.
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