Saturday, August 10, 2019

Somaliland - Sanaag under attack

(Medeshi)- A huge fire in the highest mountains of Somaliland has engulfed large areas of the
mountainous , green and fertile areas of Daallo.  The fire is not under control yet but expected to be elminated within 5 days according to the local sources.
But there is suspicion that the SLD army pursuing a renegade General in the area could have started the fire to flush out his supporters.
If conspiracy like this exists, then it will cause of the largest region in the north split away from Somaliland .
The military rule imposed by the Hargeisa based regional government has caused hardships for the people in Sanaag. This is  in addition to the government’s involvement in adding fuel to fire of the conflict between the two brotherly sub clans in Eil Afweyne.
Our sources say that hundreds of square kilometers in Dararweyne have been sold to the UAE to raise and herd hundreds of camels and other livestock for this Arab nation therefore, driving the natives away from their grazing land.
The conflict in Eil Afweyne is mainly due to resource based conflict supported by external parties.
The government based in Hargeisa had on many times tried to block NGOs and projects offered by the international community by siting insecurity issues in the eastern parts of Somaliland. Now that the military is trying to destroy the most beautiful areas in the country, Somaliland unity is at risk regardless of what loyalists and yes men would say.
I have earlier written about the injustices against the people of the east but had too much negative reactions. This was during the elections in 2010.
I quote the article here:

“ Is Isaaqland tenable?

The answer is no. No one clan can peacefully run a government while oppressing others that live in the country and share common interest. The newly elected government of Somaliland has already alienated non Isaaq clans by simply imposing a Diaspora government dominated by non professional Diaspora Isaaqs.

Most of those called from their positions in the Diaspora did not have the least Idea of how This Diaspora government would make them work conformably in Hargeisa .

Many of the newly nominated ministries have little knowledge of the situation on the ground in Somaliland and have been recruited by the newly elected president simply to reward the Diaspora who contributed to the election victory in June 26, 2010.

This ambiguous election was an orchestrated one where the poor, the young and women in Somaliland were overwhelmed by media campaigns as well as foreign NGO’s who clearly sided with Silaanyo to depose the then incumbent president, Riyale.

Somaliland people were intimidated with the help of certain foreign elements during the election to such extent that Kulmiye party spread rumours that if Silanyo was not given the chance to run the country for a term, then a civil war started by the people of Eastern Burao and Gebiley would happen. The card of Isaaq brotherhood was used to get the emotions of the majority inhabitants in Somaliland to get majority votes for Kulmiye. Another bizarre thing about the election was that out of the 1.1 million registered voters only 560,000 turned out for ballots on the Election Day. People were kept waiting for longer hours to cast votes and the number of ballot stations were not enough for the masses who wanted to cast their votes. The population of Somaliland is estimated to be 3.5 million.Suddenly, international observers who clearly wanted change in Somaliland government declared that the “voting was fair and free “, therefore, eliminating any chance of argument by the then incumbent government about the voting process.Whatever that has happened in the elections of Somaliland in June 2010 seems to be an organised conspiracy that will one day be uncovered.
The recent reception of the previous President Riyale of Somaliland by prime minister Zenawi and his foreign affairs minister is a matter that I have to wait to comment.
But the tragedy that I am afraid of is that Somaliland unity may be now in jeopardy and both Awdal and Sool regions may break away leaving the Isaaqs to fight each other over the remainder of Somaliland, with my Sanaagland already on the edge of forming its state.” Unquote..