Saturday, September 14, 2019

Opinion- Climate change is happening now in Somaliland

(Medeshi)- The recent heavy and continuous rains falling on Somaliland regions negates the famine forecast by the the aid agencies that report bad situations about the Horn of Africa.

Hargeisa floods ( Credit of Somaliland standard)

It has been raining in most parts of Somaliland recently despite the negative weather forecast by the NGOs.
Heavy floods have recently devastated dry rivers such as Hargeisa river , Burao and others in the rest of the country.
Floods have killed 3 people during the Hargeisa river floods while dozens were injured.
Most of the rainfall in the East fell on the mountainous areas in Sanaag which created heavy downside  floods to the southern plateaus of the region.
So the climate change predicted by the West could eventually be proven wrong as nature works its own way and a witness to that is the heavy down falls in most parts of the desert and semi-arid areas both in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.
Recent rains in the desert areas of the Arabian Peninsula ( currently Saudi Arabia) are unprecedented.
Jeddah city of Hijaz has experienced heavy rains in the  last few years. Rain falls in other parts of the Sahara turned sandy lands into a sea of water where all vehicles including heavy trucks and bus coaches could not move.

And I so I advise my people wherever they are to make use of the current rainfall waters and find ways of conservation and prevent rain waters ending up in the sea as it has been happening for centuries.