Monday, September 2, 2019

Somaliland rejected Berbera port project by the EU, Maydh port needs it

(Medeshi)- Somaliland rejected Berbera port project by the EU
on the pretext that the project came through  the Somali government. The EU have approved €23 MN for the development of Mogadishu and Berbera ports. The project was signed by the FDG of Somalia.
Photo Tabca Tunnel built by the British during the colonial era. 

The eastern regions of Somaliland are deprived of development  and lack the infra structure needed for its development. Tabca tunnel was built between 1951-52 by the British during colonial era. It is the the only accessible passage to the coastal areas of the region with the exception of Hubeera  in Laag near Laas Qoray.

Till this date nothing has been added to the road that leads to Maydh via Tabca let alone maintaining it. While much of the aid given to Somaliland has been spent in the western regions of Somaliland , little had reached the East. The distribution of wealth/aid in the country should be even. It is currently unbalanced.

I said on several occasions before that "All Somaliland is not Hargeisa and Hargeisa is not all Somaliland".
And so going beyond the big false  SLD ego, I think these funds should be used for the development of Maydh port if Berbera doesn’t need it. If that doesn’t happen, we might bypass the SL Gov and appeal directly to the EU.
We have had enough of deprivation and cannot take it anymore.