Sunday, November 24, 2019

Statement on Almas Elman by Ilwad Elman on Behalf of the Elman & Hersi Families

Statement from Ilwad Elman about Almas Elman on Behalf of the Elman & Hersi Families.

“Our hearts are broken right now by the immeasurable loss of our sister, wife and daughter Almas Elman. We feel an emptiness that can never be replaced. Almas was a beautiful and radiant soul, and innocent in this tragedy. She has been taken from us far too early, and that she was pregnant throughout this makes this tragic event even more so unfathomable for us.

We have been moved by the incredible outpouring of support from all over the world. To know that Almas was so loved and had positively touched the lives of so many, gives our family comfort at this incredibly difficult time. We are grateful for the many tributes and memorials taking place around the world and join you in celebrating her wonderful life.

Our family has been visited by this form of violent tragedy before. We lost Almas in the same city and to the same violence we lost our father, Elman Ali Ahmed, to years before.

This has compounded our grief and heartache but it has not broken our resolve to build peace, that saves other families from knowing the grief we are feeling right now. We remain unwavering in our commitment to working towards a Somalia where people can live without the fear of this happening to them or their loved ones.

Any statements on the circumstances surrounding the death of Almas are premature and not helpful to our family, including speculation on whether this was a ‘stray bullet’.

We desire to see her murder thoroughly investigated and request it be done so jointly by the Somali and the Canadian authorities.

Until that thorough and robust process has been completed we ask that no person or authority offer their own conclusions or comments.

We are aware that there are fake conspiracy theories and images circulating online. These are hurtful to our family and make this difficult time even harder to bear. We ask that they stop.

This will be the only statement we will be making on this tragedy for now, and ask that people respect our privacy and allow us to mourn in peace.

Almas leaves behind her mother Fartuun Adan, her sisters Ilwad, Iman and Gesia, her husband Zakaria Hersi, and an incredible legacy of positive change and peace for Somalia, Africa and the world.”

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