Saturday, January 4, 2020

SA- ANC condemns airstrikes that killed general Solemani

4 JANUARY 2020


The African National Congress (ANC) joins the entire progressive global community in condemning a series of airstrikes, reportedly by the United States, that killed General Qassem Soleimani, Commander of Iranian Quds Force. We view this latest in-humane episode as an attack on the sovereignty and self-determination of the people of Iran.

The ANC rejects this raw aggression against the people and government of Iran, which has the potential to plunge the Middle East and the World into a full-scale war. History has shown that the majority of the victims of this kind of international terrorism are the elderly, women and children. Young people also suffer serious displacement with the prospect of a bleak future.

The ANC and all progressive formations of the world cannot afford to remain silent while the actions of the U.S appear to be undermining peace and security with impunity - a clear and deliberate erosion of Iran’s national stability.

We urge the nations of the world, through the United Nations, to act firmly and expeditiously against this act of international terrorism. We urge all parties to this conflict to give peace a chance. We appeal for maximum restraint.

On its approach to international relations, the ANC is informed by the Freedom Charter as adopted on the 26th of June 1955 which, among other things, states: “There shall be Peace and Friendship.” Thus our view of the world is based on the founding principles of the Freedom Charter, namely: a world in which there is respect for the right to national sovereignty of all nations; and the pursuit of world peace and friendship, and not wars. We continue to advance our progressive internationalism and solidarity around the world.

The ANC continues to play a critical role in the continent and the Global Progressive Movement.
The ANC will continue to galvanise and sustain solidarity with all oppressed people on the continent and across the globe, and those under imperialist attack.

The ANC seeks to advance and create a better world for all South Africans as well as global citizens, informed by the founding values of our struggle, and whose aim remains the attainment of a humane, just, equitable and democratic world.

The ANC rejects right-wing and populist-led unilateralism that undermines collective global decision-making. These are an affront to multilateralism by which peace and social justice will be created within and between countries.
“We reiterate our call to the international community and the progressive people of the world to defend any nation against the unilateral imposition of economic sanctions, unilateral military attacks and disrespect of its territorial integrity and sovereignty”

The ANC-led government will utilise its UN Security Council membership to focus on the resolution of Regional and Global conflicts.

We urge the US to take a leaf out of the African Union (AU) book on its commitment to silence the guns through a progressive call dubbed “silencing the guns by 2020” as part of Agenda 2063 aiming to create a better Africa - a trajectory that South Africa will
openly advance and advocate for as it assumes the Chair of AU through President Cyril Ramaphosa this year.

Together, we carry a responsibility to build, preserve and maintain peace in the world.

The ANC stands ready to work with all peace-loving nations of the world to find lasting continental and global peace.



Pule Mabe
National Spokesperson
071 623 4975

Karima Brown Biniam Berhe