Monday, February 10, 2020

A message to the Saudi Ambassador in London

I have witnessed the grass root development of Saudi Arabia when there was no public transportation other than pickups to Juffali Mercedes agent way away from the only cement factory in 1976.

I have later worked in Jubail Commercial Port in 1978 as an Arabic /English Translator for the Philippine Stevedores and the Saudi Port authorities.
I was transferred later to work at Jeddah Islamic Port from 1978 to 1985.
The Philippine company (PSPC) was sponsored by Saud Bin Naïf Bi Abulaziz Al Saud( SNAS).
I started work at Olaya in Riyadh in the late 1985 for TOYLAND company owned by Khalil Mohamed AWAD Binladin and Isabel Cordero Binladin.
They were supported by Frank Mancini , Gary Atkinson and Donald P. Grobleweski who were later deported after establishing Toyland.

There was Sarawat , Hardees and the King Faisal foundation in Olaya at that time. AHMED Jamal ,the Yemeni, had a toy shop behind TOYLAND that usually angered Khalil Binladin although both were Yemeni.

Khalil deported to Somalia  all of my family and children in 1998 including all of those who were all born in New Jeddah Clinic and also my youngest daughter who was born in the National Guard Hospital just East if Jeddah.
He disregarded that king Khalid Bin AbdiAziz gave many of us residency 44 according to HIS Royal decree in 1978....
I have contributed lots of money towards the Saudi Social Insurance (GOSI) for almost 20 years and recently discovered that all my contributions have not been taken into account by the UK DWP.
I currently live in the UK and am a British citizen and demand justice for my children and my self. Enough is enough of Saudi abuse ......
 I demand the amounts that I contributed for GOSI in Saudi Arabia from 1978 to 1998 to be paid to me through the pension system of UK.
It is a matter of ethics: