Sunday, February 16, 2020

We will not accept Somalia president to visit Somaliland

 (Medeshi)- Somaliland administration should extend equality to all regions in the country in order to thwart division attempts by the South.
I have said before and am saying it now that Hargeisa is not only Somaliland and Somaliland is not only Hargeisa.
Look eastwards and serve justice to where you came from. Freedom struggle of the SNM didn’t start from Hargeisa but from the East.
Come to terms with what happened more than 30 years and move forward .
I cannot believe that some former ministers accused of selling public properties during the previous Kulmiye administration  are still fighting for leadership. How could a minister that sold the former women’s club built by  the British Gov in the early 1950s sell it to the wife of the then president of Somaliland and rename it “Jirde Hotel”.
But the worst news that came in the last few days is that Muse Bihi and Farmaajo met in Addis Ababa under the negotiations of the Ethiopia PM.
It has been reported in many sites including the the Guurti of Somaliland that the Ethiopia PM has been pressuring Somaliland government to accept the Somalia president and the Ethiopia PM to visit Somaliland through Hargeisa Egal Airport.
This is very sad that after so much struggle and so many deaths that the culprits be allowed to visit the place where they massacred us.
If the Somaliland government is complacent here, then we should impeach the Gov.
Those that kill, abuse and mistreat the people of all ethnicity should be aware that Judgement day is waiting for all.
I have academic friends that are atheists, but I respect their beliefs because they could be worshipping God through different windows.
Let us not just judge others and let us not kill people for different faith and for materialistic purposes. Blood is thicker than oil.
Enough is enough. Countries in the North of Africa and in the Middle East should not be destroyed because of oil reserves.
Somalia is now on the frying pan with most nations struggling to access its natural resources including Uranium, Gas and oil reserves.
But Somaliland should stand its ground and should not accept bullying and intimidation by Somalia and its allies.