Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Covid-19 Somaliland : an urgent personal appeal to the UN agencies

By Dr. Hassan Ismail Yusuf
Following my earlier open letter to the international community,
I would like to send an urgent appeal to the World Health Organisation  ( WHO) and other sister organisations to send essential supplies and equipment to assist us to help struggle with the menacing pandemic.

The nations of the developed world have been struggling to cope with the pandemic and their health systems have been overwhelmed.  Could you imagine what it could do to our third world country with a rudimentary health care system.  It would obviously be catastrophic.
We are capable of coping with it if the appropriate tools and expertise are provided.  The WHO with the support of other partners can I believe provide us with such.
It's my hope that this appeal would not disappoint me and my people in Somaliland 
Thanks for your time to read this open letter
Thanks  Dr Hassan Ismail Yusuf, MPH, McomH  (Liverpool )

Published with permission.