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Chicken with a vegetable recipe

Chicken with a vegetable recipe, chicken with vegetables is one of the best foods preferred by some around the world, and there are many ways to prepare Chinese chicken with vegetables, and among these recipes is a chicken with a vegetable recipe. This recipe is one of the favorite recipes for various peoples because of its nutritional value due to the presence of protein and vegetables, My lady will explain to you how to prepare a Chinese chicken with the vegetable recipe in this article.


Chicken with vegetable recipe



·         Chicken washed and cut into eight pieces of skins.

·         It is preferable to be chicken breast.

·         Broccoli washed and chopped into small pieces.

·         Carrots cut into small pieces.

·         Two tablespoons of soy sauce.

·         Large white vinegar spoon.

·         Outstanding big honey.

·         Spicy sweet red pepper.

·         A teaspoon of starch.

·         Coconut oil two tablespoons.

·         Chopped onion, grated well.

·         A small spoon of crushed garlic.

·         One tablespoon of ginger, preferably crushed.

·         A tablespoon of sesame oil.

·         A teaspoon of sesame seeds to garnish.


How to prepare a recipe for chicken with vegetables

·         The chicken is washed well and cut into eight small pieces, and the chicken is dried and cooked well.

·         Put a pot of water on the fire until boiling and put the carrots and broccoli in the water for ten minutes.

·         In a deep dish, put some water, soy sauce, vinegar, honey, starch, and hot pepper, stir well, and set aside.

·         We put a frying pan on the fire and put coconut oil in it, then put the onions until the onion changes color.

·         Then we put the chicken in the pan with the onions, taking into account the turning of the chicken on both sides.

·         Then put garlic, ginger, vegetables, carrots, and broccoli on the chicken, then put the soy sauce and honey and put it on the fire for five minutes.

·         Then we remove the pan from the fire until it subsides, then add the sesame to garnish.

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How to make chicken with vegetables at home



·         Chicken is cut and washed, and the chicken is filtered well with kitchen tissues.

·         A little olive oil.

·         One tablespoon of crushed garlic.

·         One tablespoon of lemon juice.

·         Outstanding large soy sauce.

·         One potato, chopped and washed.

·         One piece of broccoli, cut into small pieces.

·         One green onion, chopped into small pieces.

·         One grain of carrots cut into small pieces.

·         Note: Vegetables can be cut according to the desired size of the piece of vegetables.

·         Spices "spoon black pepper and salt to taste."


How to prepare chicken with vegetables at home

·         We prepare a frying pan and put the olive oil in it until it gets hot.

·         Then put the chicken on the oil and put black pepper on it while stirring.

·         Then we put chopped garlic on the chicken and black pepper on the chicken.

·         In another pot, put the vegetables until they are half boiled and drained well.

·         Then put the vegetables on the chicken and stir it well with salt and black pepper to season.

·         Put the soy sauce on the chicken with lemon juice, and cover the chicken well until the vegetables and chicken are cooked well.

·         Leave the chicken over medium heat until the sauce is well combined with the chicken.

·         The chicken was placed in a serving dish and garnished with parsley, and rice can be served with the chicken.

·         Madam will enjoy the taste of the Chinese chicken recipe and the sour taste of the chicken.