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How to make pizza at home, pizza at home is one of the foods that many housewives resort to prepare a delicious and favorite fast meal for the whole family in the least possible time, and pizza is one of the fast foods that are very popular in the world in food stores Fast.


Given the high costs of buying pizza from abroad, especially if it is among the most important foods of your family, the best way to avoid these costs is to learn how to make pizza at home through the next lines of this article.


How to make pizza at home



·         3 cups flour.

·         Sugar spoon.

·         Pinch of salt.

·         A cup and a quarter of warm water.

·         One and a half tablespoons of instant yeast.

·         6 tablespoons of olive oil.


How to prepare and make quick pizza dough

·         How to make pizza at home Put the yeast and sugar in half a cup of water, cover it, and leave it aside for 10 minutes.

·         We put the flour in the kneading bowl, then gradually add salt, instant yeast, and water to it and knead until the dough begins to hold together.

·         We add olive oil to the dough and continue kneading until we get a soft and cohesive dough.

·         We wipe the dough with some oil, then put it in the bowl and cover it with a clean cloth and leave it until the size of the dough doubles.

·         After the dough ferments, we cut it into medium balls suitable for the size of the tray, then cover it and leave it for 10 minutes until it ferments again, after which we can use it.


How to make pizza at home easily



·         Pizza dough.

·         ½ cup minced onion.

·         Half a tablespoon of minced garlic.

·         2 cups of tomato paste.

·         Pinch of sugar.

·         salt.

·         Vinegar spoon.

·         Half a spoon of black pepper.

·         Half a spoonful of spices.

·         Half a teaspoon of thyme.

·         2 cups mozzarella.

·         Half a cup of onion slices.

·         Half a cup of onion slices.

·         Half a cup of pepper slices, colors.

·         Half a cup of "sliced" mushrooms.

·         A quarter cup of olive oil.

·         Half a cup of black olives pitted.


How to make pizza and prepare it at home

·         How to make pizza at home In the beginning, we will prepare the sauce, where we put a bowl on the fire with oil, then add the grated onion and stir it until it wilts.

·         Add chopped garlic to the onion and sauté until golden, then add tomato paste, salt, black pepper, spices, salt, and vinegar.

·         We leave the sauce on the fire until it is done, then remove it from the fire and leave it until it cools.

·         Bring an oven tray and brush it with some oil, then roll out the pizza dough with it and leave it for some time until it relaxes.

·         To the pizza dough we add the sauce, then add sliced ​​tomatoes, onions, and colored peppers, along with mushrooms and black olives.

·         After finishing, add the mozzarella cheese in large quantities on top, then heat the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees and leave it until ready.

·         We put the pizza in the oven and leave it until it is well cooked and takes color from the top and bottom, then we take it out of the oven, then we cut it into triangles and put it in the serving dishes.

·         We serve pizza, along with ketchup, mayonnaise, pickles, cola, and other appetizers, and eat it hot.

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