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How to make Kentucky chicken, one of the most delicious dishes served in fast-food restaurants, and it is the favorite meal for adults as well as young people alike, and housewives often look for Kentucky chicken recipes to prepare them at home without the need to buy them, so today we decided to choose You to have the best and most famous recipes, so our topic will detail how to make Kentucky Fried Chicken.


How to make Kentucky chicken



·         12 pieces of chicken (chicken and half cut into small pieces).

·         A cup of flour.

·         One tablespoon of garlic powder.

·         A tablespoon of onion powder.

·         A teaspoon of turmeric.

·         A small spoon of paprika.

·         A teaspoon of black pepper.

·         A cup of liquid milk with a capacity of 250 ml.

·         One egg.


How to prepare Kentucky chicken

The first thing to do is wash the chicken well with water, flour, and vinegar and soak for a quarter of an hour, with the possibility of adding olive oil and lemon juice to get rid of the chicken smell.


Then filter and put in a special bowl to prepare the liquid mixture.

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To prepare the liquid mixture for this KFC recipe, we mix the liquid milk with the eggs and whisk it well with the addition of a pinch of salt.


After that, we dip the chicken pieces in the liquid mixture and leave it on the side, then pass to the next stage.


We prepare the wrapping using a dry container or a food bag, where we put all the dry ingredients mentioned before, such as flour, salt, black pepper, turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder and mix well, then dip the chicken in the dry mixture to completely coat it from all sides with these spices.


After soaking the chicken in the liquid mixture and then putting it in the spice powder, put it on a tray and cover it with a piece of cloth, then put the pieces of KFC prepared on the way to the world in the refrigerator for a period of two hours or more until the mixture dries well.


Passing to the frying stage, which is a decisive and important stage, we first heat the oil on the fire and put the chicken pieces in the oil one by one, leave the chicken on medium heat for 10 minutes, then reduce the heat a little and leave for another 10 minutes until it becomes golden in color.


With this, you will have obtained a recipe identical to the method of making Kentucky Fried Chicken for the crunchy and delicious, which you can present to your husband and children with a vegetable salad to get a nutritious and complete meal.


It is worth noting that there are many ways to marinate chicken and that each marinade has a special and distinct flavor, but the most famous of them is Kentucky chicken, which is loved by adults and children alike, and it is a dish that can be served with salads, bread, and soft drinks, and what distinguishes the dish is that strange magical flavor.


We chose to share with you today the secret recipe, prepared with a special seasoning, which is able to give Kentucky chicken the delicious taste and crunchy, and the way to make Kentucky Chicken for the world is considered one of the easy, fast, and simple recipes that do not require effort, and with simple ingredients available in every kitchen.