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Healthy grilled chicken recipes

Healthy grilled chicken recipes, healthy grilled chicken is one of the most delicious foods for many, and some prefer healthy chicken because it contains protein and at the same time very healthy eaters, and in this article we will present my lady a healthy chicken eater, and a healthy grilled chicken recipe, and we will talk about the possibility of preparing it And the required ingredients for my lady to enjoy the best healthy roast chicken recipe.


Healthy grilled chicken recipes



·         Chicken washed and cut into eight pieces, and dried well with a kitchen towel.

·         Yogurt box.

·         Three tablespoons of ketchup to give it flavor and flavor.

·         Two tablespoons of white vinegar to spoil the smell of chicken.

·         Half a large lemon.

·         Large spoon ground black pepper.

·         Large hanging ground cumin.

·         Small hanging paprika.

·         One tablespoon of garlic powder.

·         One tablespoon of onion powder.

·         A small tablespoon of table salt or to taste.

·         Potato, peeled, and sliced.

·         Tomato, cut into rings.

·         Onion, cut into rings.


How to prepare a healthy roast chicken recipe:

·         We bring in a deep bowl and put the shredded chicken in it and drop it with yogurt, black pepper, cumin, half a lemon, powdered onion, powdered garlic, ketchup, and table salt.

·         We grease the chicken with the ingredients well inside and out.

·         Then put it in the refrigerator for three hours, until the ingredients are mixed in the chicken.

·         We put the potatoes and tomatoes in a tray, then the chicken and onions, and put half a cup of water on them.

·         Cover with tin foil and be tight on all sides.

·         And put in the oven for at least an hour.

·         Then we remove the foil paper and leave it on the grill to take the beautiful red face.

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How to make grilled chicken breast



·         Two chicken breasts cut into large slices.

·         Onion chopped or grated to taste.

·         A small spoon of black pepper.

·         1 tablespoon fresh ginger, preferably fresh.

·         One tablespoon of garlic powder.

·         One tablespoon of onion powder.

·         A small tablespoon of table salt or to taste.

·         Half a tablespoon of ground-dried coriander.

·         Small hanging rosemary.

·         Small hanging thyme dry.

·         Half a kilo of grits of the yellow type.

·         And we bring to grits a small hanging black pepper.

·         Grated onion.

·         Small hanging cumin.

·         Small hanging salt.

·         Half a cup of boiling water.

·         Nuts for garnish.


How to prepare a healthy roast chicken recipe

·         We straighten the breasts on a flat object, and we straighten the breasts and tap them with a knife until they are more straight.

·         We put all the spices on it and rub it well.

·         And make sure to spread the spices on all parts of the breasts on both sides.

·         We heat a frying pan well and put small drops of olive oil in it.

·         We fry the two sides well.

·         We saute the onion some of the emptiness from frying the chicken in the same pan with a teaspoon of black pepper and salt until it reaches a brown color.

·         Then put the onions on the top of the breasts and put them on the oven grill on both sides.

·         To make the grits, we put the grated onion in an amount of oil, then we put the grated onion with salt and black pepper, then put half from boiling water and stir it well and leave it until maturity.

·         My lady, we spread the grits on the serving plate from all sides, then put the chicken breasts on the freak and put the nuts on the breasts and with happiness and healing, so that my lady can enjoy the best healthy grilled chicken recipe.