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How to make donuts with chocolate

How to make donuts with chocolate, in general, donuts are among the most delicious types of desserts, and the most famous and desired by many, due to their delicious taste, ease of preparation, and the containment of easy-to-read ingredients.


One of the most popular donuts is the chocolate donut; Where these donuts are distinguished by their distinctive, luxurious taste and high nutritional value because they contain chocolate, and it is known that chocolate has valuable benefits.


Benefits of chocolate donuts

·         It gives a feeling of fun and pleasure, because of its delicious taste that is loved by adults and children.

·         Chocolate contains flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants and are natural antibiotics.

·         It reduces the risk of heart attacks and improves cardiovascular health.

·         Reduces high blood pressure.

·         It reduces the harmful cholesterol in the body and raises the beneficial cholesterol.

·         Boosts the immune system.

·         Stimulates memory work and increases mental focus.

·         The body's sensitivity to insulin increases. Improves blood flow.

·         Eliminate feelings of frustration and depression.

·         It stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone responsible for feeling happy, and the endorphin hormone responsible for feelings of euphoria in the body, thanks to the flavonoids present in it.

·         Relieves fatigue.

·         Helps sleep, and fights insomnia.

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How to make donuts with chocolate



·         Three cups of sifted flour.

·         Two eggs.

·         A tablespoon of yeast.

·         two big spoons of sugar.

·         Unsalted butter, melted, in the amount of three tablespoons.

·         Two cups of hot milk for kneading.

·         Pinch of salt.

·         Vegetable oil for frying, preferably corn oil.

·         Liquid chocolate.

·         Sugar Icing.


How to prepare donuts with chocolate

·         Put the flour in a deep bowl, add the yeast, sugar, and salt, and mix all the ingredients together. Add the butter, eggs, and rub the ingredients together well.

·         We add the liquid milk gradually and knead using the palm of the hand until we have a homogeneous dough.

·         Leave the dough until it rest and ferment, for at least an hour.

·         We take a piece of donut dough, sprinkle a little flour, spread it out, and thin it, making it about two centimeters thick.

·         Cut the dough in circles, or use the circular slicer to make it easy to cut the dough with it, and leave the dough until it rests again, for about ten minutes.

·         In a deep bowl, heat the frying oil well, and fry the donuts, and after the donut turns golden, we put it on a towel drying machine to absorb the excess oil.

·         In a side bowl, mix the liquid chocolate and powdered sugar.

·         Dip the donut face in liquid chocolate, and put it in a special serving dish.

·         We put the chocolate donut in the refrigerator until the chocolate is hard.

·         Serve donuts with tea, coffee, or juice, or serve it alone.