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How to make a regular cake, the way to make a cake at home, including ingredients and ingredients, with preparation steps and method of work, in order to make it easier for housewives to make the sweets that all family members love.


There is no doubt that preparing food at home is not a daily routine for some, as it is a hobby, as many people find themselves only when they present their food, receive the approval of the young before the old, or offer food to the guests at lunch or at dinner or even breakfast.


How to make a cake



·         Two cups of flour.

·         A glass of milk.

·         A cup of sugar.

·         Half a cup of oil.

·         Five eggs.

·         Three tablespoons of vanilla.

·         Three teaspoons of baking powder.

·         Cream and strawberry to garnish.


How to prepare a cake

·         Put the eggs with sugar, oil, milk, and vanilla into a deep bowl, and whisk the mixture. Add the flour and baking powder to the mixture, and stir it until it becomes homogeneous.

·         Grease the cake mold with oil, and then sprinkle flour on it.

·         Put the mixture in the mold, then heat the oven.

·         Put the tray in the oven for twenty-five minutes, then remove it.

·         Distribute the cream on the top of the regular cake.

·         Cut the strawberries into pieces, then spread them over the cream.


How to make the cake at home

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·         Three cups of flour.

·         Two cups of fine sugar.

·         A cup of whole milk.

·         A cup of soft butter.

·         A pinch of salt.

·         A tablespoon of liquid vanilla.

·         One and a half tablespoon of baking powder.

·         Four eggs.


How to prepare a cake at home

·         Operating the oven at a temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees Celsius. Install the middle mesh rack in the oven. Bring a round mold with a hole in the middle and spread it with butter or margarine.

·         Spread the flour inside the pan, then leave it aside until use. Sift flour, baking powder, and salt into a plate and set it aside.

·         Put the butter in the bowl of the mixer, add the sugar, then install the mesh paddle and mix on medium speed until the mixture becomes like a crisp cream.

·         Add eggs gradually and beat each egg until it is gone.

·         Add vanilla and continue whisking.

·         Add a third of the amount of the flour mixture and half the amount of milk and whisk at a slow speed until the flour disappears, then add the rest of the milk and some flour, and whisk until the flour disappears.

·         Add the rest of the flour and mix on medium speed for a minute until the mixture becomes smooth.

·         Put the mixture in the mold, taking care not to stir.

·         Put the mold in the hot oven and bake for forty-five minutes until it is done.

·         Make sure the cake is done by placing a wooden stick in the center of the cake pan, and if it comes out clean, the cake is completely done.

·         Take the pan out of the oven and leave it to cool slightly.

·         Cut the cake and serve it hot, and you can decorate with any desired decoration.